Our partner firms have chosen to collaborate through the Partners to Leaders federation in order to offer clients a unified international approach to identifying and developing the best leaders for their organisation.

We invite only the best consultants to join our federation: the rare few who have the in‐depth local knowledge, reputation and seniority needed to access top executives. Many of us have worked together in the past and we are all proud to share our vision and passion to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

rana acartuerk
Rana Acartürk
Ta-Ra Partners

carlos alemany
Carlos R Alemany
Alemany & Partners

jan bubenik
Jan Bubenik
Bubenik Partners

bernhard dedenbach

BD Associates

nerea figuerido poulain
Nerea Figuerido

Alemany & Partners

william gaber
William Gaber
Atabay Consulting

monica graue
Monica Graue
Atabay Consulting

caroline gruen
Dr. Caroline Grün
Geneva Consulting &
Management Group

Andrea Vančíková
Bubenik Partners